Two-Headed Pheasant Draught House, Johansson's Dinig House, Westminster MD

Johansson's Down Under, Johanssons Dinig House, Westminster MD

Visit our sister restaurant,
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Visit our sister restaurant, O'Lordans Irish Pub!

The Brewery - Maryland's Original Brewing Company

Stop in to our English Style tavern and enjoy one of our own premium beers, brewed fresh right here at Johansson's. Choose from our Hoodle Head Pale, Whistle Stop Amber or Honest Ale, and our rotating tap of seasonal brews.

Hoodle Head Indian Pale Ale – A traditional I.P.A. using cascade hops for flavor and aroma. A fruity flavor and hoppy finish is the standard for these pale ales.

Whistle Stop Amber – A deep ruby red beer brewed with generous amounts of cascade hops that balance a complex malty sweetness.

Honest Ale – Brewed to resemble today's premium ales. This ale is a light, thirst-quenching, summertime ale.

Johansson's Beer at Home

We also offer our house brewed beers for carryout. Purchase a Two-Headed Pheasant growler with your first fill for $21, and stop back to fill it up for only $8.50 each time.

The Brewing Process

All of our premium beers are made fresh here at Johansson's. They are completely natural with no chemical or preventives added.

The Mash Tun is where the crushed grain is "mashed in" with hot water from the Hot Liquor Tank, making a thick porridge. It remains there for about an hour as the starches in the malt are converted to simple sugars. (a feast for the hungry yeast!)

Hot water is then "sparged" or sprinkled over the grains rinsing the sweet liquid called "wort" from the spent grains. In the Kettle, hops are added to the wort and mixture is cooled for about an hour. The wort is then cooled in the Heat Exchanger as it is transferred to the Fermenter.

Yeast, which were placed in the Fermenter earlier, begin to use the simple sugars in the wort and ferment the liquor to produce beer.

The beer is conditioned and carbonated for one to three weeks and is then filtered into the Serving Tank. The beer is stored in serving tanks which feed the Brew pub taps for your drinking pleasure.

Johanssons Dining House of Carroll County offers casual and fine dining as well as offering on and off-site catering. Our English Style Tavern, which is home to Westminster Maryland's original brewing company, serves several of our own brews including Hoodle Head Pale Ale, Whistle Stop Amber, and Honest Ale.

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