Two-Headed Pheasant Draught House, Johansson's Dinig House, Westminster MD

Johansson's Down Under, Johanssons Dinig House, Westminster MD

Visit our sister restaurant,
O'Lordans Irish Pub:

Visit our sister restaurant, O'Lordans Irish Pub!

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Growler Refill Pricing

64 oz. Pricing:
Johansson's Growler with first House Beer Fill...24.50
64 oz.  Refill Pricing
House Refill ...12.00
Import Refill...16.00
Imperial Refill...20.00
Special Imperial Refill...26.00
Empty Growler Purchase...12.50

32 oz Pricing:
Johanssons Growler and first House Beer Fill...15.00
32oz. Refill Pricing
House Refill 6.00
Import Refill 8.00
Imperial Refill  10.00
Special Imperial Refill 16.00
Empty Growler Purchase 9.00

Johanssons Dining House of Carroll County offers casual and fine dining as well as offering on and off-site catering. Our English Style Tavern, which is home to Westminster Maryland's original brewing company, serves several of our own brews including Hoodle Head Pale Ale, Whistle Stop Amber, and Honest Ale.

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Growler Refill Pricing
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